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2 Page Resume Writing - $50
Additional Resume Writing - $10/page
30 Min. Mock Interview - $15/each
Application Assistance - $15/each


In today’s society, countless people are underprepared for the workforce due to many factors often outside of their control. At Soul Towne Community Outreach, our goal is to not only help them prepare to enter (or renter) the workforce but to exceed the expectations of potential hiring managers and land the jobs they apply for.

Job Readiness

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Business Plan Creation - $100/each


Mentorship is often needed as many people are unsure how to find someone to show them the ropes, encourage their dreams, and give them the tools to succeed. At Soul Towne Community Outreach, we offer mentorship in the following areas: Re-entry Services, Entrepreneurship, Teen Moms, and Young Men (Ages 8-18)


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Tutoring - $35/session


We believe children shouldn’t need wealthy or educated parents to have an equal opportunity to achieve their academic goals. We provide low-cost, one-on-one tutoring remotely to school-aged children whose families cannot afford expensive private tutoring. Discounts for multiple child enrollment and monthly enrollment are available.

Kids Tutoring

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